Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Plot v. History

I'm onto chapter two in my Elizabethan murder mystery, and I'm very excited about it. There was a while when I was doing research on everything Elizabethan that I was nearly overwhelmed by the detail, but then I had to remind myself of Diana Norman's book "The Mistress of the Art of Death." If there is an example of someone being able to weave a fictional character into the fabric of history, it's that. The secret, I am learning, is not to let the detail of history rise up and overwhelm the plot. The plot is centre stage.  Well, back to writing. Chapter Two will take place at St. Paul's Cathedral, known during Elizabethan times, as Paul's Walk.  It is there that Miao (my albino, female, Chinese heroine) will meet with her mysterious benefactor and discuss the murder of chapter one. The one problem with this is that everybody there knows everybody by the clothes they were wearing.  I'm thinking Miao is going to show up in something silk and purple, which is definitely a no-no, unless you are royalty, which of course, she it.

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