Recommended e-books

This page is dedicated to the following ebooks offered on the Smashwords site.  I have reviewed them, and think they belong to the philosophical bent I want to parallel Adam Book House.

I'll give a tiny blur, and if you're interested just follow the link.


I have the following criteria when selecting books to post here.
  1. The blurb has to catch my attention: An interesting plot premis.
  2. There has to be chapter links that help with Navigation through the ebook
  3. And finally, and most importantly.  Something fantastical has to happen in the first five pages, something that makes me want to invest my time.

Here's a new one. It's taking me awhile to find another book. When I want to be entertained, there is one thing I don't like, and that's being told a story. It's the old show vs. tell debate, and this one, I believe is more show than tell.  It's also from Australia.

Aurelius #5
by Michael Pryor (Editor)
Chimaera Publications

Years ago, a write, whose pen name was Alan Burt Akers wrote this prolific Science Fiction Series centered around a character named Drey Prescot. I was 15, slowly mutating into my adult form and this series saved me.  Here was a hero who wasn't good looking, but could handle anything, and here was I a boy who wasn't good looking (most 15 year old boys think this way) who couldn't handle anything.  It was a perfect match.  If you click on the link below, be prepared to enter a world over twenty books long.  I didn't include a cover, because, the covers they have aren't very good.

Alan Burt Akers