Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I sold an e-book!

It was really great getting that notification from Smashwords that I had sold a book!  It's an odd sensation.  You work so hard (sometimes years) getting something where you want it, and then you put it out there and let people decide for themselves.  I think the frightening part, isn't necessarily having someone read my work, but I want them to enjoy it.  Isn't that what the entertainment industry is about -- enjoyment.  If someone learns or is edified along the way, that's wonderful, but there's a certain joy that should be inherent in art of any kind.

You know I remember seeing the film version of "Lord of the Rings," and was disappointed that they left out old Tom Bombadil and Lady Gold Berry.  I know it didn't really fit the flow of the story, and understand why they cut that section, but Tom and those yellow boots had danced through my mind when I was fourteen and left footprints everywhere.

Then there was Alan Burt Akers and his Drey Prescott series.  Why did I love it so much?  I suppose reading about a champion who could handle anything, made me feel a bit better, more capable in dealing with a world I was having a very difficult time handling.

I wonder.  Is this why I insist on writing strong women characters into my stories, because I see too many young women submitting to things they don't have to.



Monday, January 17, 2011

Cost to the Reader

It has occurred to me, since starting up with Smashwords, that the consumer is being ripped off.
Smashwords is good, they let the author list their own price.  I've always operated under the premise that if the writing is good, it will eventually get read.

But when I go to Kobo, Sony and Amazon and see the prices of their e-books...I am left cold. A lot of their prices are too high.  Where's the overhead?  The cost of production runs?  The distribution fees?  If the author is getting the lion's share of the price, maybe...However, somehow I doubt this is happening.

In my opinion, no ebook should be listed for more than $4.99.  And I think Internet culture shouldn't tolerate higher prices.  I'm all for being rewarded for work hard done, but when an e-book is close in cost to a soft-cover version of the same book...

I'm interested in hearing any thoughts on this.