Friday, December 31, 2010

Prospero's Speech

There are times when the mood comes on me.  A mood of Melancholy, or a mood of awarness, I do not know.
Whalt Whitman was said to have a Cosmic Awarness.  There are moments, times, when I feel this, how the awarness almost becomes overwhelming and I see.  It is the time of poetry.

When blind men see
And deaf men hear
The voice will fly
On wings of wind

Oh, let the dead living
Flesh become enlivened
With the quikening of spirit
To make glorious
Our possibility

Drive these vehicles
Of muscle, bone and sinew
Into the mountains of

There the shadows
Of the living dead
Dress in animate gowns
And admonish those
Who dance with the finality of fate

We are alive and as
Substantial as the present
And these whisps of possibility
That will be the future

The dead who see
Who hear
Who speak
Stare back at us from
The silver backed mirror
And say

When blind men see
And deaf men hear
The voice will fly
On wings of wind

M.E. Eadie

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


So,  now I have my ebooks available on

They are also available on

I talked to Colin, that's right, Colin as in Colin Hayward in author of "Fluke," and we both think that podio books will be a next adventure.

I also bind my books by hand: hard cover format.  No pain, no gain.  Actually, little monetary gain when you consider how much it costs to mail the stuff.  I also have to be careful not to cut my fingers off.

So, how to put a Pay Pal link on my blog???  I'm sure I'll find out given time.

The other thing I'm working on is to being an Affiliate with Smashwords, which is a fancy way of saying, I list some books on my blog and then you buy them and I get around 11% of the profit.  Whoever put Smashwords together is one smart cookie. 

Now, how do I get people to read my Blog?  Another adventure.

M.E. Eadie