Thursday, November 13, 2014

Pre orders and Characters

Until December 28th I'm encouraging pre orders for my new book: "The Veiled Lady: A Miao Juzheng, George Silver Elizabethan Adventure."

These pre orders will be available through: Barnes & Noble, Kobo and Apples Ibooks.

What I'll be doing until that release date is blogging about a lot of the research that went into the creation of the book.

The first thing that I did was pick the Characters that I could form the nucleus of a story around. The Heroine had to be different, had to be exceptional...not unlike Queen Elizabeth. And I found that character in the creation of Miao Juzheng, a young woman from the Middle Kingdom. That alone is unique because Chinese slaves were a rarity in Europe at the time, but a young woman with albinism who has special powers of foresight...

The above picture is of my daughter, who is also from the Middle Kingdom and also has albinism. I took the picture in Black and White, because while the iris looks clear, sometimes 'pinkish' in colour, it is actually is a very clear blue.