Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Shake or Bacon?

I've been reading this great book "The Shakespeare Conspiracy."  Nice work. This is why I don't think Bacon wrote the Shakespeare plays.

1.Bacon was a very active politician and lawyer, and none of the materials about him links him with the theatre scene in London.

2.In his work De Augmentis Scientarium, published the same year as Shakespeare's First Folio, he even attacks Drama.

3. In 1614 the King's Men (Shakespeare's company) appeal to King James to establish a theatre in an area object to by the local tradesmen.  The appeal is refered to the Commisioners for Suits. Bacon is one of the Commisioners and the proposal for a theatre is rejected. Why would Bacon, if he was Shakespeare, reject his own company?

4. Part of the argument is that in Shakespeare's plays there is reference to legal material which indicates a legal mind, like Bacon.  Yet other playwrites have legal material in their plays and weren't playwrites. Enter Robert Green, Thomas Nashe and Philip Massinger.

5. This leads me to the conclusion that Bacon is no more responsible for the Shakespeare plays than his brother Ham. 

Interesting stuff, eh?