Monday, November 1, 2010

Publishing for free

I've been formatting Colin's novel, "Fluke" so that it can be placed with Smashwords as an ebook.  It's an excellent read.  Primarily the human race has stopped having children and to survive has combined animal DNA with human, and the Fluke is that it worked.

Writing is a strange animal.  Colin Hayward has won awards, but publishers won't pick up his books, why?  No idea, so I started Adam Books.

I'm going to do the same thing for my books.  I'm tempted to make the first ones free on Smashwords, just to get people reading.  I truly believe people are more than capable in making up their minds whether an author has merit or does not.  However, there is this impass that publishers take adavantage of, which is money.

I suppose everybody wants to make it, but really, do we as a society need to be so greedy?  How much does the author see?  Not enough, not by far.  They are the creative genius, not the people who bind it, or market it, or even sell it.  (By the way, I bind my own work, by hand).

The next step is to get my web site. up and running, and link up with Smashwords.  I'm already selling "Colin and The Rise of The House of Horwood," on, but really, the price is detrimental: $16.00 plus shipping.  People love to create relationships and associations with writers.  I hope to do this by making "Colin..." free on Smashwords.

Let me know.  Would you read a book electronically, for free, and then order a hard copy if you really liked it?

M.E. Eadie