Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I sold an e-book!

It was really great getting that notification from Smashwords that I had sold a book!  It's an odd sensation.  You work so hard (sometimes years) getting something where you want it, and then you put it out there and let people decide for themselves.  I think the frightening part, isn't necessarily having someone read my work, but I want them to enjoy it.  Isn't that what the entertainment industry is about -- enjoyment.  If someone learns or is edified along the way, that's wonderful, but there's a certain joy that should be inherent in art of any kind.

You know I remember seeing the film version of "Lord of the Rings," and was disappointed that they left out old Tom Bombadil and Lady Gold Berry.  I know it didn't really fit the flow of the story, and understand why they cut that section, but Tom and those yellow boots had danced through my mind when I was fourteen and left footprints everywhere.

Then there was Alan Burt Akers and his Drey Prescott series.  Why did I love it so much?  I suppose reading about a champion who could handle anything, made me feel a bit better, more capable in dealing with a world I was having a very difficult time handling.

I wonder.  Is this why I insist on writing strong women characters into my stories, because I see too many young women submitting to things they don't have to.



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